x60t and linux update

just a quick update; i've been using my lenovo x60 table with the 2008.1 build of mandriva for several months. in general, it is extremely usable as a laptop and, to a lesser degree, a tablet.

i cannot get the tablet to autorotate and, while krandr worked fine in mandriva 2007 -- it appears to be broken in 2008.1.
[added note: must be x server issue as xrandr crashes x. hmmmm...]
i also cannot get the x server to recognize the eraser or pen-click/switch.

curiouser and curiouser:
the stylus works -- even after suspend to either memory or disk. even more curiouser (sic), the touchscreen also works with my finger (though, better with my fingernail!). i suspect that the stylus is NOT working via the x server, but rather via 'touchscreen' -- i've got to do some poking around in this regard.

below is a hand-drawn picture from gimp (pen width 3 pts) using the stylus. you can see the jitter .. which i have been unable to change using the details from the linuxwacom faq.
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Anonymous said...

May I suggest reading

I think that many of the solutions used by Luke will work for you.

G. F. Barbato said...

yup... his website is referenced earlier in the thread ( ) and we've been in touch via email:
but (there's always a but),
many of his solutions no longer work in mandriva 2008.x . particularly randr/krandr are broken -- rendering the rotate scripts useless.

i also have the lenovo multitouch screen -- which, curiously, almost works with linux wacom 0.7.8 !! although the 'jitter' makes doing fine graphics work intolerable.