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i'm a big fan and overuser of accuchef. that may read a bit strange, as i also predominately use linux as an operating system. to reconcile the fact that there are many highly useful windows-based applications that i enjoy using, i've also been a longtime registered user of codeweaver's crossover office (an wine-based project). designed to run, cxoffice is also handy for running programs like quicken ... and small, handy applications like ... accuchef! in fact, the recipes i've posted on gfb.log.alt were compiled and reside in my accuchef recipe database.

accuchef runs perfectly under cxoffice, though a small trick is required to update the windows registry to upgrade to the registered (i.e., paid) version of the software. after downloading and installing the shareware version, you will need to download the avsc.exe registration file (following the link that will be emailed to you).
  • using the cxoffice program, run/install the avsc.exe file.
  • when the winzip self-extractor window pops up, be sure that the "unzip to folder" option is pointing to your linux home directory (contrary to the accuchef directions...).
  • within cxoffice, run the windows command "regedit.exe" which will bring up the registry editor.
  • under the "file" menu, choose the "import registry file" option.
  • navigate to your linux home directory and choose the "avsc.reg" file.
  • close the registry editor; start accuchef; and you're off to the races!!

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