lenovo x60 and linux: round 3

this is helpful!

install xinput:
result: useless...

install xbindkeys...
result: also useless...

... there MUST be a better solution -- emperor.linux has a fully functioning version of any flavor of linux on the x60.tablet, which seems to include handwriting recognition. not yet worth the $300...

so.......still working.

(BTW... volume/mute buttons on keyboard work just fine. further, bluetooth works great, just install kde tool + bluez )



having a few computers around the house, and a home network filled with ripped cd's (.ogg -- of course!) and family photo's -- somehow, i allowed my wife's mac to go without a backup for over 6 months. as you may have guessed, a cracked toilet tank and small flood 'fixed' the hard drive.

sad; but, here is a reminder of what we ALL should be doing -- right?
but, if you REALLY need to find some files (once the box has dried out)... i seriously recommend one of the live linux discs/usb -- which even work on mac hardware!
very nice.

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lamarck and lysenko (old post)

Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet Chevalier de Lamarck, (of course) was a french biologist, who championed the idea of the inheritance of acquired characterstics. however, he did this in the early 1800's, with his original publication, Philosophie Zoologique, dated 1809.

read on...

the 'cat' experiment, as discussed in class was originally cited by Mr. St. George Mivart in his book "The Cat" (1881). He mentioned a case where a female cat had her tail badly injured when a cart-wheel ran over it and the owner judged it best to amputate the whole tail. Since then, the female had had two litters of kittens, and in each litter some of the kittens had a stump of tail, while the others had full-length tails.

as far as russia goes: i intended to refer to lysenko, who revived the long-discarded ideas of lamarkism in russia. indeed, genetics had been declared a 'bourgeois pseudoscience' in the Soviet Union in 1948 which persisted though the mid 1960s, lysenkoism was found to have caused mass starvation and serious, long-term harm to Soviet agriculture -- though it appeased the communist rulers of the time.

i won't even go into the manx cat... but, will note that the nytimes has an excellent section on evolution in todays paper!


lenovo x60 and linux: round 2

definitely install mandriva. i've been using this flavor since mandrake 9.0; and just can't get used to ubuntu. further, it seems that several things seem to work flawlessly with mandriva (2007.1).
e.g., wireless, power, sound, sleep/suspend, dynamic cpu, etc.
i also don't hear any of the 'whining' or 'clunking' referred to by others.

install additional software via mandriva software manager:
  • acpi tools
  • setserial pkg
  • configure-thinkpad pkg
  • wacom pkg
install current stable release of wacom drivers
follow instructions... to install in prebuilt subdirectory,

edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf per

edit rc.local per

don't forget to chmod 755 the x60t-swivel* files

add your userid to sudoers file
(this is REALLY important; and a little detail 'missing' from some of the other sites.)

rotate command works from the terminal, but keycodes seem to be incorrect in all those files:
get xev, since acpi_listen doesn't seem to work/compile in mandriva.
[xev does not identify the 'sound' keys or any key on the display..... ]

that works ok for keyboard; but not for other 'switches' on the tablet panel.

ok... try:
tail -f /var/log/messages
then.. press all nonfunctioning keys.
this gives you the rotate/tools/esc key on the panel (but no others).
add to /etc/rc.local file

still no joy... try:
su -c "/home/gfb1/Applications/getscancodes /dev/input/event0"
(sudo -- if you use ubuntu)

FINALLY; here's the problem.
the tablet and the keyboard are 2 different devices. BUT -- the keycodes overlap. so, i suppose i need to reassign different keycodes via "setkeycodes" in rc.local file.

more to come ...

just when you thought it was safe to -omic

there is an interesting set of articles surrounding the individual
genome sequencing of craig.venter and jim.watson!

i really can't decide if this is extreme
; or, just a sophisticated way of mooning
the universe...

either way, it borders on the ... (dare i type it?!?) .. c-omic-al ...